Created as a background color for one of his personal projects, Gene liked it so much he decided to include it in the store so you can enjoy it as well. This beautiful wool has heavy raspberry values. It would be useful for all sorts of applications from a vibrant background as well as a wonderful addition to a bouquet of prodded roses.

Bold and brassy, just like the "Roman Sun," this hot color will add a bit of sparkle to anything you want to hook. If hooking a fruit bowl, flower garden or fall pumpkin, this color will be indispensable

"Claret" is a subdued, rich wine color in it's darkest shades, lightening to a soft rose with salmon overtones.

"Hotberry" begins with a "carnation pink," hot enough for any white sport coat and deepens to juicy mixture that looks as if it should be a topping for an ice cream sundae. All four shades are what Gene would consider as "normal," meaning they are bright and vibrant.

"Persimmon" has a unique tartness all it's own. It's sure to add a certain zip to any fall rug. Imagine it paired with black for a vivid Halloween-themed rug.
Medium Lilac is somewhat subdued, compared to "Bright Lilac." (Although, what Gene calls subdued may be pretty bright to some folks!) It also is perfect for making lilacs. While four, 1/16th of a yard pieces will make a couple of wonderful lilacs, Gene likes to mix Medium Lilac with Bright Lilac for a bit of extra variation.

Subtly mixes blues, reds, pinks and purples to create a vivid result. This mix is one that Gene uses for prodded lilacs. (Four, 16th yard pieces should make a couple of lilacs.)

Does not photograph well - the deeper colors lean more to a "royal purple," , reminiscent of an old fashioned clematis bloom, while the 2 lighter shades go from medium blue to a teal. Of course, all these colors are related and look great together. Gene likes to uses them to make little, fill in flowers, as evidenced in the" Fall Table Runner" in "Prodded Hooking for a Three Dimensional Effect."

"While the deepest shade of this wool mimics it's name sake, the other values progress from true blue to a lovely teal."

One of the "regulars" Gene uses for hooking leaves. He "doesn't leave home without it" in his stash.

Provides a rich variety of choices, particularly when making interesting leaves. This is the other "must have" grouping of wool that Gene uses on a regular basis. While it starts off with a medium, yellow green palate, the deeper colors have an iridescent cast, rich in purple and gold. Gene often mixes Summer Green with Spring Green when making leaves.

"Fall Runner Green" is offered for those who want the background for the prodded runner pattern in Gene's new book. One yard of highly mottled wool.  


If you want a bit of poison for your next piece, snake a bit of "Eden" through your hooking.

Perfect for ... sunflowers. With splashes of bright orange and reds, against a sunny yellow base, the three lighter colors can be mixed for interesting flower petals, prodded next to a center hooked from the darkest value.

Named for one of Gene's favorite pies, is a soft, work horse color. It makes great dahlias, daisies, backgrounds and alternate loop (beaded) borders.

Runs the spectrum from a bright orange/gold to a deep, avocado green. This wool has "Fall" written all over it!

"Doe" is composed of the soft beiges and browns that allow deer to blend in with the forest floor.

Used to make the Peace Rose in Prodded Hooking. It comes in a three value pack, each piece being 1/32 of a yard. It should make either one, very full rose, or a medium rose and a bud or two.



This sixteen piece mixture of wool runs the gamut of both color and techniques.  While no two pacs are exactly alike, they all come in an exciting rainbow palate that will boost your stash.  



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